About Us

Essential TeleHealth Is Michigan’s #1 Telemedicine Provider For Boutique and Concierge Medicine. We Offer A Wide Variety of Professional Medical Services, Both In Office Through Our Gold Standard Clinic Providers, And Our Easy To Use TeleHealth Platform.

EssentialTeleHealth.co is a secure connection utilizing a (SHA-256) digital encryption certificate. You can view and verify this certificate in the address bar immediately before the web address essentialtelehealth.co

EssentialTeleHealth.co is dedicated to our medical marijuana card patients and their caregivers. The patient intake form should only be used for physician evaluations for medical marijuana card recommendations. If you are looking for additional medical services, please visit our main healthcare portal at EssentialTeleHealth.com

For caregiver services please see our Become A Caregiver page or call for more information.

If You Have Any Questions, Please Contact Us At 1-800-345-5414